why massage therapy gun is necessary ? what are its different uses


Today I bring you a massage gun. It is the Smart massage therapy gun and I personally like these guns a lot because they help the muscles to recover before workouts.

This is a simple model but it works very well and is also very manageable.

And we start by looking at what is included in your box, it is a white box with the photo of the product and here it says massage therapy gun

Below we find some remarkable features and behind the technical specifications. This is a cover and inside is its box in which it says, Massager.

We open and see that it has a small size, normally massage guns have a larger size. And it comes with 4 heads, a charging cable that is a USB-C to USB-A, and instructions.

smart electric massager
It weighs 414g, measures 158 x 45.6 x 191.5mm, and has a single button on the back. We see that it has no screen or anything.

The front is where the head is, in this case, it is the round one and to change it we just have to pull and put the one we want, this is a bit under pressure.

At the bottom is where we will connect your charging cable.

As we have seen, it comes with 4 heads and 5 speeds, therefore, we have up to 20 different massage modes. Each head is indicated for one or a few muscle groups:

The ball, which is the one that is most often used. It is indicated for large muscle groups such as the back, hips, also for the arms or the waist.
U-shape is especially to be used around the spine since it has the shape so that it passes and the column stays in the middle. We will not only use it on the back, it is also for the cervical area.
Bullet shape, in the instructions it says that it is for large muscle groups. Although those with this shape and dimensions are usually indicated more for joint injuries or the sole of the feet.
The plane is used to stimulate deep muscle tissue, it would not stay so superficial.

To use it for the first time we will only have to have it charged and press its button. At this point it will start at level 1 and the light around the button will blink once.

To go to level 2 we will press again and the light in this case will blink 2 times. Well, so on until level 5. When we want to turn it off, we just have to press and hold its button and it will turn off.

Its battery lasts for 2 hours and, as a safety measure, if we use it for 15 min. without changing speed it will turn off automatically. As you have seen, it is quite silent, it is only 45 dB.
These massage therapy gun are indicated to be used after a workout so that the muscle recovers more quickly.

What it does is promote blood flow in the area where it is used and thus helps to regenerate.

We can also use it to break any contracture we have or to shock ourselves after running. In this case, it relaxes your legs a lot and then you feel less tired.

Well, especially to treat injuries that you do not know what they are because you could do more damage than you already have.

If this is the case, you should first put yourself in the hands of professionals such as a physio or a doctor, who will evaluate the ailment and make a diagnosis.

In fact, there are many physios who already use them before starting to treat the area, it helps them break contractures or relax the muscle.

Impressions – massage therapy gun
Well, this has been the presentation of the Smart Electric Massager, a massage gun that is characterized above all by its simplicity, weight and dimensions.

We have seen that it does not have a screen but that is not a problem. It has a size and is very light, but that does not prevent it from doing its job well.

If I had to put a but it would be that I miss a bigger ball head in addition to the one that is better for the quadriceps or glutes.

But it is true that with this alone we already obtain a good result also in these muscle groups. And what I liked the most is that I can take it wherever I want.

Why buy a percussion muscle massage gun
It is a very versatile product. You can use it during the warm-up to prepare your muscles for activity, when you finish the practice to promote recovery or, if you prefer, to give yourself a relaxing massage at any time.

Versatility also has to do with the design, as some have up to six interchangeable heads with different shapes (round, U-shaped, mushroom, elongated …) to be used in large and medium muscle groups, around the spine in joints, etc .

It is often used for recovery because it helps to relax the muscles and dissolve lactic acid (which is behind the classic soreness), and because it improves blood circulation. But it can also be used to treat injuries .

However, it is not an expensive product.

Massage Gun vs Foam Roller

The pistol, on the other hand, acts in a semi-autonomous way, in the sense that it performs the percussion and vibration by itself but it is the user who moves it, grasping it by the handle.

In addition, it is more effective in reaching deeper muscle fibers.

Another difference lies in the price: the foam roller is quite affordable, while a good pistol is around 100 euros. Bear in mind, of course, that these are very different products.

Best percussion muscle massage gun
Powerful, portable, quiet, durable, and easy to use. After trying different models, the addsfit Elite model surprises for good, both for its practical design and for its functionality. Specifically,

its size and weight (640 grams), depth (up to 12mm) and percussion intensity stand out, reaching 3100 percussions per minute and 15kg in maximum intensity mode, ideal for lovers of strong emotions and deep massages. and impressive battery performance of up to 15 hours.

As a differential element, it has an automatic intensity sensor that is activated when it exerts more pressure.

The buysmartfitness is preceded by other products of the brand with a very good reception, such as best massage guns UK and Mini, which have generated very positive opinions for their value for money,

The duration of the battery, the intensity they reach, accessories, the design and materials used and the fact that it comes with a practical case.
How many heads does it include?
It is equipped with 6 massage heads of different shapes, which can help the user to relax different muscle tissues.

Such as: bulk muscle groups, deep tissue massage, muscle relaxation, neck, spine and Achilles massage.

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How Many Speeds Does The best massage guns uk Gun Have?
It has adjustable speed and strong power, it has 5 speeds that help you obtain adequate pressure to relieve muscle pain.

High-quality motor and large capacity battery: It is equipped with 3 high-quality 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, it takes 2 ~ 3 hours to fully charge, and it can keep working up to 3 ~ 6 hours after each charge ( depending on speed).

It also adopts a high-quality brushless motor that offers strong power that can provide deep massage, but low noise up to 60 decibels even at maximum vibration.

Watch Straight Chiropractic Video

How To Use The best massage guns uk:
With the 3 adjustable angles to rotate the massage head that the gun has, you can reach hard-to-reach places without straining your arm and straining your wrist.

You can even reach the upper and middle parts of the back.

Hold the gun in different directions for easy massage. Save effort.

The muscle massage gun comes with a LED display, it is very convenient to observe the gear speed.

In addition, it is designed with an ergonomic silicone-coated handle, comfortable and non-slip to protect the vibration damping.

Compact size with carrying case that you can take anywhere you need.

To massage the area of ​​the back that is under the arms, bring the arm forward as you begin to pass the massage gun up and down.

Be very careful with passing it through the area of ​​your spine; Unless the muscle massage gun model you have chosen allows you to do so,

Massage techniques increase blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrients, helping muscle repair, removing chemical irritants and waste products stored in the muscle (for example, after a marathon).

When a muscle is contracted, it can irritate the nerve receptors within the muscle causing pain. Compression techniques will reduce tension by relieving nerve irritations and muscle discomfort.

The best massage guns UK uses rapid muscle percussion therapy to help break up scar tissue, release fascia, and treat muscle and tendon conditions.

The sum of the benefits mentioned above will improve range of motion and flexibility, also significantly reduce muscle tension, and eliminate trigger points.


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