Why my website is not showing in Google?

If you site is not being shown in the Google search results then you should see if your site has been indexed or not. If it is not there in the Google search results, or if your site is not performing the way it was performing earlier, then you need to check the performance of your site in Google.

Why does search ranking matters?

Majority of people do not click on the websites other than the ones on the first page. Studies have shown that top listing in the Google search engines receives 33% of the organic traffic while second position gets 18% and no one goes beyond this. This simply means that it is not enough to be indexed by Yahoo, Google, or Bing.

Why sites do not rank in the Google search results?

Google can be really tricky at times. This is what may prevent your site from being shown up in the Google search results.

Website is not indexed: Usually it takes a week or more than that for the search engines to update the search based results. This is because may be your website is new and it does not have inbound links.

Website is new: If you have just built and launched your new site, then it may take usually four weeks to begin to be shown up in the search results. Generally we are accustomed of getting this done quickly online however indexes on the search engines can be slow. So just hold, wait and learn more and more about the search engine algorithms.

No index tags: There are custom codes telling the search engines to not index your site or any particular pages. If whoever has designed your site and has added such a code, it explains why your site is not appearing in the search engine results.

Website is not optimized: As soon as your site is submitted to the search engine, spider will crawl it for the published content. Your site will be scanned for keyword saturation, meta content, and several other factors.  Therefore be careful about the content on your web pages as search engines will look in to it.

Keyword market is competitive: You need to ensure that you are targeting a lesser competitive keyword market to gain consumers attention.

All keywords are not equal: It is easier to rank the irrelevant keywords while harder to rank the profitable keywords relevant to your business niche. Make sure you are working on relevant keywords.

These are some of the reasons why your site may not be showing in Google. However, all these reasons lead to the fact that one needs to hire professional services in regards. Being a resident of Karachi, you must be aware that there are several professional SEO companies offering different SEO packages in Pakistan. Business Trends is one such name offering website development in Karachi, website hosting services in Karachi in addition to professionally designed SEO packages in Pakistan. Feel free to access their official site i.e. www.businestsrends.com.pk for more details about SEO packages in Pakistan and other services.



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