Optical mouse

When gaming and working in front of the computer, the greatest comfort is required, particularly in the event that it is for quite a while. This time I will show you how the optical mouse works, an excellent device to smooth out work. In addition to the fact that it guarantees more prominent speed cleanliness and safety.

What is an optical mouse?

The optical mouse isn’t anything different from the regular mouse. The one is most used today for its system of reading the movement of the cursor on the monitor screen.

It is optical on the grounds that it has a LED light for its operation, which replaces the traditional mouse ball. On account of the optical mice, the cursor movements are more precise. Moreover, they have a longer useful life because they do not store dirt.

The market cost is another reason why it has become popular between gamers and casual users. The optical, laser and wireless mice are different from each other. The manufacturing cost of the optical mouse is underneath the old mice that accompany the ball. In this manner, it is more possible to sell them at affordable prices.

How does an optical mouse work?

Among the optical mice that I e can find are the wireless ones or the electric ones that come with a cable. With respect to its operation, the movement of the hand is captured on account of thousands of photographs required by the LED diode in fractions of seconds.

The photos it takes are of the surface where it moves, being analyzed at simultaneously and distinguishing the movement. Whenever this is done, it sends the digital information of what it has captured to the PC, either by waves (wireless) or electrically.

The optical sensor is responsible for detecting varieties in mouse movement. When this data is clear, it emits the signals to the PC as we have just demonstrated. The computer then duplicates such movement on the screen pointer.

Optical Mice advantages and disadvantages

There are numerous reasons why an optical mouse is liked. In spite of the fact that I have just referred to some of them, and detail the most important ones. This permits you to all the more likely to understand how the optical mouse works.

  • Greater cursor precision. In this sort of mouse, the area perusing is quick and with high accuracy. Regardless, it is essential to keep the open area that indicates the way to the light of the LED area clean. If it is messy, the level of precision is decreased.
  • It is very adaptable. utilized on practically any surface that can be perused by the LED light. For example. That is, it doesn’t need a rigid, flat surface to function.

There are also some essential disadvantages to know in relation to the use of this device:

  • Higher power consumption, particularly when compared with the conventional mouse. The optical mouse requires a consistent progression of power to function and ensure exactness.
  • A few surfaces make it difficult to work properly. For instance, those with very bright colors or textures. Mirror glass is also inconvenient since the reflection is returned and makes it difficult to peruse the picture.

Why Optical is Better than Laser and Wireless?

Optical vs laser vs wireless

The following points will decide the power and ability of the optical mice are much better than other types.

  • The optical mouse is cheap compared with laser and wireless.
  • An optical mouse lasts long than wireless and even laser mice.
  • 80% of gamers use optical mice for gaming performance.
  • Laser mice have over-sensitivity which is not in optical mice.
  • The optical mouse is developed much in recent years.
  • The lifespan of LED light is greater than a of laser light.
  • Optical mice capture the market by more than 60%.

By knowing how optical mouse functions and its comparison with laser and wireless mice, you already have a thought of why it is the most used today. If you still use a conventional mouse, don’t hesitate to upgrade.


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