wifiblast setup
wifiblast setup

The WiFiblast Range Extender is a small, compact device that plugs into any outlet and easily connects to your existing WiFi network. Instantly boost signal strength up to 8,000 sq. ft.

The wireless blast extender is a 300 Mbps wireless extender. It boosts the existing wireless network’s wireless signal range. This extender is specially designed for small businesses, businesses, homes, hotels, restaurants, and others. The wireless blast range expanding device is usually a Wi-Fi amplifier, delivering a 300 Mbps wireless network range with a 2.4 GHz network band. It enhances the weak wireless network and wireless coverage of the router across all networks. This extender conforms to IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, wireless network standards. The wireless expansion device offers up to 300 Mbps of WiFi.

WiFi Blast Range Extender Installation

The WLAN expansion unit has a LAN port on the left of the wireless expansion unit. It offers an unimaginable wireless network all over the place, offices, hotels, cafes, etc. You must install it in the proper way if you want to get the wireless network portfolio with the wireless blast extender. The Wifiblast extender, wired or wireless, is installed in two ways.

  1. Wifiblast range extender’s Wireless installation
  • You can easily install the extender if you want to install the Extender without wire. Some steps follow. There are some steps.
  • First, if your extender is new, you must take the box of the extender. Then from the extender wifi blast from the box.
  • Check the wifiblast range extender accessories such as power adapter and cord, ethernet cord, wifi blast extender, manual wifiblast range extender.
  • Determine the location of the wireless range extender, next to the existing wireless router, which is the best position of the range extender.
  • Now the WPS button is located, on the wifi blast expanse, the WPS button is on the front side. After a few seconds, press the button.
  • Currently, check the WPS range extender indicator, if the WPS indicator is green, which means that the wireless extender installations are successful.

2. Wired installation of wifi blast range extender

  • If you are considering installing a wifi extensor in wired. The Wi-Fi Extender Guide is the following. You can easily install via a wired connection.
  • First power off the range extender if the power is ON to install the wifi blast extensor in the wired system.
  • Then, to make the wired connection, locate the LAN port.
  • Now, use an ethernet yellow cable and connect it to the Ethernet port and the router.
  • Plugin the wall socket, connect the extensor and power ON the wireless range extender, and then check the power indicator. The connection is successful when the power indicator blinks green light.

Wifi blast range extender’s login steps

You can easily get the WIFI extender login page if you want to get the login page. The IP address, password, and username of the extender must be available to access the login page. All this information is available in the handbook, so you can log in in this way if you don’t want to read the handbook.

  • In order to access the login page, you must first verify the WiFi link on your device.
  • Please now check and open your device for the latest web browser technology. You can update them from the Google Play store and Apple store if they aren’t updated.
  • Then, input the Wifiblast range extender IP address, the IP address of the extender is 192.168.l0.1, and input the browser address bar.
  • Then the Wifi blast extender login window is shown automatically.
  • The wifi username and password default can be used and the account can be logged in.
    Username: admin WiFi Blast
    Admin Password:
  • In the column provided, you can enter these login credentials and click the login option.

The wireless login steps are now complete. These steps can also be used to log in to the wireless extender.

How to set up the wifi blast repeater mode?

  • The expander of the wifi range has a repetitive mode. Stronger performance and coverage are achieved in this way. You can also simply use the following steps if you think about configuring the repeater mode in the Wifiblast extender.
  • Plug the extensor in the wall socket to configure the repeater mode with the WPS button.
  • Ensure the extender of the WiFi range is “Station” mode.
  • Press the router’s existing WPS button for 5-6 seconds now and the access point.
  • Press the WPS button for 9-10 seconds for the wifiblast range extender.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then, until you have ready to use your wifi extender.

Now, wireless extender repeater mode is finished. This mode offers enhanced performance and network coverage via wireless.

Wifi Blast Range Extender’s Manual

The wifi extensor provides an impressive 300 Mbps wifi wireless network in the whole house, café, library, hotel, office, etc. If you think about how to use the WiFi extender, how to set up the Wi-Fi reactor and Access Point Mode on the WiFi Extender, how to access the login page, how to set up the WiFi Range Extender, how to reset wiFi blast, and so on.

Steps of the wifi blast range extender setup

You need to configure the wifi extender range if you connected to the full Wi-Fi network extender. Some configuration steps of the extender range are here.

  • To start with, plug the range extensor into the power supply to set up the wireless range extensor. And wait for a green blinking of the LED power indicator.
  • Ensure that the wireless range extensor connect to the current wireless router.
  • Now, open your chosen web browser and enter
  • Then, pop up the login window, type your login and log in to your account in fields.
  • Now click on the “setup wizard” option and do all the settings on the wifi extensor.
  • Click the “wireless encryption” section and select the following option for security.
  • Then, select the channel and connection type in the following list, by pressing the option “channel bandwidth” and “internet connection type.”
  • To enter the name and strong password of the SSID, click on the section called “wireless network name(SSID)” and “password.”
  • Eventually, to save the entire wireless blast extender settings, click “apply.”

The steps of the wireless extender system have now completed successfully. The wifi connectivity and a better network connection can enjoy on the gaming console.

Wireless blast range extender problem-solving steps

The WiFi blast extender uses an unbelievable wireless network with a speed of 300 Mbps. But the wifi blast extender sometimes does not work. With troubleshooting steps, you can just get rid of the problem.

  • Do not enable the Wifiblast extender to fix an error, make sure that the extender correct plugged in. Also, make sure you’ve switched the button on the wall outlet.
  • You cannot access the wifi extender’s login page, so you can ensure the correct IP address use. On your device is wireless Internet access. Delete the browser’s entire cache history.
  • Sometimes the blind red light extender wifi blast ensures your router place near the router to get rid of this issue.
  • You put it close to the existing router if it is far from the router.
  • Wi-Fi wireless extender does not provide a stable wifi range, you can check for the extender’s firmware, so it does not work if you use the old firmware. The firmware can be updated.
  • To get rid of the work problem, use the factory reset option. With the reset button, you can reset the extender.


1. Why doesn’t my wifi extensor work?

If your wireless extender does not work, you must verify that your extender is properly connected to the wall plug. You turn on the power socket button.

2. Why is my wireless Internet Extender flashing in the WPS indicator?

If the wifi blast extender WPS indicator blinks in red, it does not work properly with the connection between devices like the extender and router. Perhaps the extender is far from the wireless extender.

3. How can I change my WLAN Blast Extender’s default password?

The wifi blast extender password can changed by logging in to the extender. Navigate the expanded configuration and select the “Change password” option. You can change your password easily now.

4. How can I connect my WiFi Extender Blast?

You can plug the wifi range extender into the power supply and next to your wireless router. Click on the WPS router button and then on the extender. Wait for a solid green WPS LED.

5. How do I reset my extender for wifi blast?

If the wireless range extensor can reset. The reset button will be located. Press the reset button for the WLAN extender, then wait for the LED to turn orange.

6How many devices can the wifiblast range extender connected to?

The Wi-Fi extender system is suitable for coffee shops, homes, hotels, bookshops, offices, etc. The Wireless Wireless Extender can connect to 20 network devices.

7. Does the wireless expansion unit remove the weak signal of the existing router?

The WiFi expansion extender obviously eliminates the faint signal of the router. The existing router can connected easily via the WPS button.


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