Will Google’s AMP Influence Your Online Marketing?

Will Google’s AMP Influence Your Online Marketing?
Will Google’s AMP Influence Your Online Marketing?

According to a report of ComScore, mobile users have grown from 400 million in 2007 to around 1900 million in 2015 while the desktop users in the same period have grown from 1100 million to 1500 million, which shows that the number of mobile users has been growing very rapidly Google’s AMP Influence.

Mary Meeker’s KPCB Mobile Technology Trends indicates that 80 % of smart-phones and 91 % of PC/Laptop are used to search the internet. Thus for online marketing, mobile devices have become important.

Google AMP is a mobile device introduced by the search giant that helps in tracking content fast. It helps in improving the traditional model that serves mobile content with the help of the precise AMP HTML by stripping down the content’s presentation. Consequently, it simplifies the contents and images so that Google’s AMP Influence loaded much faster.

Advantages –

  1. Tracking Content Fast
  2. Google’s AMP Influence
  3. Content is displayed in Basic Text & Images
  4. Pages are uploaded 10 times faster
  5. It makes the work easy
  6. Cut downs on the use of data

Google AMP has three parts that help content load faster by simplifying the content and images. These three parts are –

  2. AMP JS
  3. AMP Cache
  4. AMP HTML –

APM HTML works on a severely defined set of processing tags that are only indented for text formatting and Google’s AMP Influence

Some of these tags are – Amp-ad, Amp-video, Amp-embed, Amp-pixel, And Amp-IMG, etc.


APM JS, likewise, is also a file that is strictly limited. All external resources are loaded in the background through it. It is helpful for making tasks easy and reducing data usage.

AMP Cache –

It is also known as the AMP Content Delivery Network and a server of Google’s system that is intended to take hold of the most recent content of users.

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AMP casts positive and negative impacts on SEO as well as Online Marketing. As it reduces the load time of the articles, it is good for both publishers and readers. Publishers get more and more page views, increased engagement, and better sharing because users can access the content without going through any frustration. On the other hand, it does not work well for websites related to brands or eCommerce. Let’s understand the positives and negatives of AMP in detail – Google’s AMP Influence

Positive Impacts –

  1. It is good for boosting the SERP rank
  2. All the publishers would be highly benefited by the Google AMP.
  3. It is open-source so there is an immense possibility of its evolution.
  4. AMP will bring more and more readers to the publishers.
  5. It also offers plenty of options for features and formatting.
  6. It will also boost paid search impressions.
  7. Negative Impacts –
  8. AMP offers no forms
  9. It does not boost the speed of websites related to eCommerce and brands.
  10. Paid search results may also be discouraged.
  11. It provides no external javascript and style sheets.
  12. It will increase the budgeting needs.

Google AMP device is good for improving page visibility but it is limited to the publishers. Ecommerce and brand websites would not be much benefited from it.


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