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Thinking about joining a yoga teacher training? Confused about choosing a yoga destination? Well, India should be on the top of the list to join a yoga teacher training course. You might be having a lot of questions regarding why or where to join yoga teacher training in India. Keep reading to have a deeper understanding and answers to all your questions about the yoga course in India.

Top Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Whether you choose India or any other yoga destination, it is always better to know the options available for you. Check out the following points to know about various types of yoga courses.

200 Hour YTT Course

Beginners find it extremely hard to find the right course to start their yoga journey. With a 200 hour YTT course, newbie yoga practitioners get a perfect start. Rather than jumping right into things, a 200 hour YTT course helps you explore various dimensions of yoga. Moreover, this course gives a brief introduction to every aspect of yoga so that you get an idea about the vast field of yoga.

300 Hour YTT Course

As you progress with consistent yoga practice, the next step comes in the form of a 300 hour YTT course. An ideal yoga course for intermediate yoga practitioners, it offers more intense yoga practice. Whatever you might have learned in a 200 hour YTT course goes one step ahead. Moreover, you also learn about various new things that take your yoga practice much deeper. With the completion of a 300 hour YTT course, you become eligible to teach yoga.

500 Hour YTT Course

To take your practice into the spiritual realm and become a master of yoga, a 500 hour YTT course is there for you. It teaches you various advanced yoga techniques to purify your mind, body, and soul. Hence, with the completion of the 500 hour YTT course, you not only become an advanced yoga instructor but also become eligible to open a yoga studio.

With the available courses at hand, yoga practitioners get plenty of options to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing India for their course, yoga practitioners might feel confused that why to travel the globe just to learn yoga. Well, to solve the confusion, read the following points.

Why Choose Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Birthplace of Yoga

Yoga originally came from Rishikesh, India. So, why not head on to a place that gives birth to yoga and its various practices? That is why you should choose yoga teacher training in India as you learn true, genuine, and authentic yoga. The practice of yoga moves away from mere physical asanas into the realm of Vedas, scriptures, and other philosophical texts.

Moreover, the land of Rishikesh radiates abundant spiritual energy. Thus, mere presence in Rishikesh is enough to calm your senses. Furthermore, you get to learn the local culture which has inhabited yoga as a part of their routine.

Experience Ashram Life

You can practice yoga anywhere in the world, even in your room. However, what makes it different to join a yoga teacher training course in India is the yoga experience. The environment is completely different when you compare it with any other yoga destination. Moreover, when you join a yoga course, you get to experience the yoga life. Even though you can live in a resort or an expensive yoga studio. However, that would be nothing like living and practicing yoga in an ashram.

Spending time closer to nature and in the most humble environment, you dive deeper into your yoga practice. Moreover, you practice a minimalist attitude to life and learn to survive with the bare minimum. Further, ashram life helps you follow a strict routine in which you do every type of work for personal and professional growth.

Plethora of Yoga Forms

Sometimes, a particular yoga form is not for everyone. However, when you join a yoga teacher training in India, you get options to choose from a plethora of yoga forms. For instance, you get to practice Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, and many more.

This gives you the flexibility to choose the one yoga form that perfectly suits all your goals. Whether you want a physique transformation or a mental peace, you get many options to choose from.

Learn From Yoga Masters

India is the birthplace of yoga that has many prestigious and venerable yoga masters. Hence, when you join a yoga teacher training in India, you get to learn from yoga masters. That helps you get all your questions answers and confusions resolved.

Just make sure the yoga teacher you choose has the Yoga Alliance certification. With that, you can rest assured to have the best yoga learning experience.

Meet Like-Minded People

The yoga community is growing abundantly that consists of people who are supportive of each other. Moreover, you become a part of the larger community that allows the easy exchange of ideas. Hence, it not just helps you vent out but also you get an objective opinion on things.

Therefore, you meet people from different parts of the world. It expands your consciousness and perspective about different things in life.

Explore Yogic Diet

Diet is one of the most important elements of yoga practice. Losing fat and gaining muscles is another crucial point you should aim for. That is only possible when you keep your diet in check. Joining yoga teacher training in India helps you explore the Ayurvedic diet.

You come across the significance of a vegetarian, wholesome, balanced, and complete diet. Hence, your metabolism improves which helps in burning excessive belly fat without any issue.

Combine Yoga With Adventure

Rishikesh, India is not just a hub for yoga. Rather, it is also a center of attraction for many adventure sports and activities. Thus, you can undertake river rafting, bungee jumping, mountain hiking, trekking, and whatnot.

Hence, you get to practice yoga along with having fun and seek new adventures. It keeps you calm, soothes your senses, and makes you mindful.

Reconnect With Nature

India is abundantly rich with natural beauty and serene locations to practice yoga. You get a chance to stay away from technology and spend time in nature. It naturally heals your body cycles and restores them back to their natural state.

With so many benefits, numerous yoga schools have opened in Rishikesh, India. Hence, it might be confusing for newbie yoga practitioners to choose the best YTT course. Check out the following points to select the best yoga teacher training in India. Read on.

Tip to Choose the Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

Check Yoga Certification

One of the most important points you should consider while choosing a yoga teacher training in India is the Yoga Alliance certification. Every yoga practitioner knows about the significant role that the Yoga Alliance plays.

Hence, to have the best yogic experience, you should check whether the yoga school you want to join is registered with the Yoga Alliance or not.

Decide a Location

Even though every spot in Rishikesh is serene and full of scenic beauty. However, still, you must be aware of the surrounding of the registered yoga school. For instance, some schools are settled on the banks of the river Ganges. Whereas, some are located on the far side, in the lap of mountains, or in the forest.

So, depending on your choice or personal preference, you should make sure you know where you are going to learn and practice yoga.

Explore Yoga Courses

No doubt there are plenty of yoga courses available for practitioners of varying experiences. However, some schools teach only a certain set of yoga practitioners. For instance, many schools focus only on experts or beginners only.

To avoid you being stuck in a school that does not consider your level of experience, you should know what type of yoga courses the chosen registered school is offering. That saves you a lot of hassle.

Know About Yoga Forms

Just like there are schools designated to particular yoga courses, some also teach a particular yoga form only. For instance, yoga schools preaching silent yoga focus only on Vipassana meditation. Similarly, many other schools teach only a particular yoga style.

Hence, you should confirm what type of yoga form will you practice by joining a particular yoga school. Therefore, you should first have a clear vision in your head so that you choose the most relevant yoga form.

Check Budget

Another crucial point to keep in mind is the budget. There are expensive resorts and spas dedicated to yoga practice. However, life and teachings over there are completely different from what you get in a yoga ashram.

Hence, get a detailed description of all the expenses that you would be bearing if you join a particular yoga course. Knowing about the budget helps you plan better.


As you can see, keeping plenty of things in mind ensures you join the best yoga teacher training in India. Then only you progress further in life. Just make sure you consistently practice yoga even after the completion of your yoga course.

Thus, you keep on advancing with your practice and get the most out of your investments in yoga. Over time, yoga becomes your second nature that helps you live a harmonious and healthy life.


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