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The start of your child’s first school day with school transportation is just not about traveling to school and back home. As a matter of fact, it should be all about making the child comfortable, ensuring that enjoy their ride. Undoubtedly the school transportation bus is the most convenient means for the students to travel to the school. Sadly, there is a rise in student transportation safety issues that are increasing each year. Thus, launching an accomplished zum clone can be the best solution to minimize the problems.

Zum Clone – Students Transportation App Suiting Student Needs

We leave you stress-free when it comes to school transportation. Whether it is home school transportation, after school drops off, off-campus events, delivering meals, educational materials, and so on. We handle everything flawlessly.

Committed to meet the day-to-day requirements of the growing needs of the students. Our fleet management dashboard can seamlessly handle the route operations of public schools, Private institutions, Charter schools, Out-of-district placements, etc.

Thus making your transportation business more efficient and productive and not to mention eliminating the administrative costs.

How Does Student Transportation App Provide Smooth Functioning?

A student transportation app like ZUM is being built on a scalable app solution. Thus this helps the schools, private and charter school transportation, off-campus transportation, delivering meals, educational materials, and much more can be streamlined. The ZUM Clone app cuts the efforts into halves with improved results.

The school transportation app comes with accomplished features that allow the schools, parents, private coaching classes a better safety for their child.

Systematically planned routes

Daily organizing the routes for the student is time-consuming. For the majority of the public as well as private schools, transport facilitators planning the routes has been nightmarish.

The school bus tracking system is equipped with a feature that automates the route planning job. Ths, assigning buses and their respective routes are done efficiently. Also, there are fewer goof-ups. At the same time, the transport desk has complete control over managing the fleet flawlessly.

Keeping the parents notified

The App For School Transportation sends notifications enabling the parents to know the whereabouts of their kids. The ZUM Clone app has a tracking feature that allows them to track the school buses as well as the route they have taken in case if there is a change on a real-time basis. The feature offers an estimated time for the arrival of the child.

User-friendly and compatible interface

The ZUM Clone App is well-organized. The Admin/ School desk management/ Parents, as well as private transportation, can perform their transport operations easily and quickly. The app comes built with advanced-level features that flawlessly handle Multiple routes, trips, One-way transport, Mileage monitoring, Manage special routes, Manage stops and time-slots, Prompt notifications,  Superior customer care, and more.

The ZUM Clone app can easily be integrated with varied transportation systems customizing the features and functionality depending on your school bus transportation requirements.

Incorporating Additional COVID19 Safety Measures

The Students Transportation App ensures the safety of the students. Thus, the app development team has made sure that everyone is protected on every ride.

The ZUM Clone app development team has incorporated additional measures to make sure that everyone boarding the bus stays safe during these unprecedented times.

To practice COVID-19 safety is a mutual responsibility. The Zum Clone App implemented new safety measures following government guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Stay home when sick

Drivers and student families are asked to go through regular health-check up since they are exposed on daily basis. Staying home when feeling sick, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can minimize the virus transmission risk.

Wearing a mask is mandatory

Built on artificial intelligence, the feature when verifies the no-mask face immediately sends the alert to the Admin/ driver letting them know. Thus, everyone on the bus is instructed to have a mask covering throughout the ride.

Personal and school transportation cleanliness

School drivers as well as personal drivers coming for the student pickup will have to regularly disinfect their hands and vehicles before and after reach. The feature enables them to feed in the report of the same thus, ensuring that frequently touched vehicle surfaces are thoroughly sanitized.

Leaving windows open

This improves air circulation thus minimizing virus transmission. The vehicle air with poor or no ventilation carry high chances to

Maintaining social distance

Students are asked to maintain social distance when boarding school transportation. Keeping one empty seat between the students is mandatory.

Why Invest In Student Transportation App Like ZUM?

ZUM Clone App is a replica of the successful business model. It is going to reap more profits, along with prospering your brand name in the transportation industry. The primary reasons to invest in student transportation app like zum are:

  • Real-time, instant info about every student vehicle/bus
  • The app can be access from anywhere, anytime
  • You can access precise performance data
  • Quick emergency response
  • Easy to monitor driver’s behavior

In conclusion, buying this white-label ZUM clone app makes your student transportation efficient, flexible, sustainable, and connected on a real-time basis. Customize it the way you want, since it is a ready-made clone solution it enables you to scale up your business without spending extra money. Furthermore, the app is available on both Android and IOS platforms which makes it perfect to work seamlessly on any hand-handled device.

Approach an on-demand app development company that offers you a live demo. Once you have placed the order after confirming the demo, the app development process starts. The team will keep you updated ensuring that your app is all set to launch within 7 working days.


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