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I hurt my back at work can I claim

Accidents at work are sad occasions. They are exceptionally normal. You can hurt yourself at your workplace while taking care of a job due to simply any...
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Why I cannot claim whiplash injury if it was my fault?

In an average street accident, odds are that you might have a whiplash injury. For that, you can claim your whiplash injury claim. In any case, to...
Infrastructure sharing in a possible way.

How Infrastructure sharing can lead to your business growth

An Other Service Provider is a service centre that uses enormous amount of telecom resources to provide IT enabled service. You can almost guess that because of...

Insure Your Cycle Against Theft – Cycle Insurance

As per data published by the All India Bicycle Manufacturers Association, more than 4180000 bicycles were sold in India between May and September. Recently, more individuals are...
Motorcycle riding man photo

Types of Insurance for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle insurance covers motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and any other motorized road vehicles owned by an individual. Its primary function is to give financial protection against personal injury...

Some tips for finding the best mutual insurance for seniors

Older people find it difficult to obtain a loan or insurance. For credit organizations, seniors do not enjoy an excellent profile, all the more so if their ages...