Types of Catering Businesses Need to Know


The catering business is one of the businesses in the culinary businesses that can be an alternative business which is considered quite promising if it is taken seriously. When people hear about caterer, most people will think of catering services for weddings. However, there are many different types of services in the this business. Therefore, it is important to understand each type of service available before anyone else engages in them. What types of catering business can be occupied, and how to develop this business, will try to be reviewed in several posts on this site.

Procurement of food, especially the need for food consumption for an event, has long been a familiar thing. Since people began to often organize various kinds of events, the provision of food consumption needs for certain occasions has existed. However, with the development of the level of activity, especially in the modern era who is busy working during the day, the provision of food has become a problem in itself for urban communities.

In the food business sector, one of the promising culinary services is catering. Catering is a type of business that manages food served outside its place of business on an order basis. This business includes the business of providing ready-to-eat food which is organized through orders for celebrations, parties, seminars, meetings, travel packages, public transportation and so on. Usually the food ordered is delivered directly to the house or the venue for a party, seminar, meeting, or venue.

The catering business is a food business that will continue to grow every year. Many new companies also enlivened the competition in this business, although not a few catering companies ended up going out of business or not developing at all. With competition in the business getting tighter, catering companies are required to be more creative in making marketing innovations for their business.

Currently opening a culinary business, especially caterer, has become a trend in big cities. Nowadays more and more people are opening culinary services, both in the form of food consumption for certain events or those that only provide lunch boxes. The target market is very wide, ranging from offices to people who want to hold a wedding party and so on.

These catering services are each differentiated by the size of the ability to provide food portions, kitchen capacity and the use of labor from outside permanent employees. Some catering only focus on serving the needs of the general public such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations on a relatively small scale. Meanwhile, catering on a larger scale for the provision of lunch to factories requires even greater effort.Larger caterer usually serves special needs such as catering for companies, factory, hospital and others. This kind of catering can also be called company catering.

Type of Buffet Catering Presentation

The main reason this kind of catering business continues to exist because it is supported by a growing need. Everyone who needs practical food consumption preparation, of course, needs a good service in the form of food consumption for various events or certain menu orders. Because the provision of very practical food consumption is a necessity for very busy urban people, this business is never empty. Especially if good at cooking and clever in arranging food composition. Apart from the good taste, another thing to pay attention to is the price. The good taste plus affordable prices will overwhelm the owner with orders.

Various forms of catering services to make it easier for prospective customers continue to be created, from the ease of ordering online to completing the packages provided, by not only providing foods for certain events, but also providing lunch boxes or coffee breaks for offices. Before you start a business, you should understand the type of catering business that you can work on to become the main concentration of your business services. The catering business has a service category according to its needs and the level of difficulty of each. Here is a list of catering services you need to know:

1. Lunch box

This type of business is the method most frequently encountered and promotions like this are becoming a trend in big cities. Most catering entrepreneurs who are just starting out in a business prefer to offer lunch boxes. The lunch box usually does not require a lot of capital, besides that the process is relatively easier than serving lunch for factories or hospitals. In addition, serving lunch box orders also doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

Lunch box packages are generally in the form of individual portions and are not too expensive. Generally, this lunch box package is served in individual portions in individual boxes made of cardboard, containing rice, side dishes, vegetables, and fruit. In each package the lunch box is usually equipped with a spoon for cutlery. So it is very practical because it can be enjoyed immediately after receiving it.

2. Coffee break

Coffee break service provides coffee and tea for offices, meetings, business events, company seminars, and various other business events. This is a fairly high market, and the demand can vary significantly in the way that certain drinks and snacks are offered, for example coffee and tea complete with snacks, or just coffee and tea.or serving certain drinks and foods. The downside to this type of serving is that the choices are often limited to the most popular snack choices in the area.

3. Buffet catering

Buffet catering service provides services for special occasions such as birthday parties, corporate events, office inaugurations and other large-scale party events. The advantages of this buffet catering service are the focus on presentation and the cost is quite high. The staff are required to have more creativity when serving each meal, and must be able to provide a wide selection of buffet menus. This will help develop catering services like this one. Sometimes, this service is required to provide additional services, such as table decoration design and planning assistance for certain events.

Buffet catering can often be more difficult to work with. Depending on the portion ordered and the schedule of events available, especially during the busy month of events. Generally after receiving an order for an event, the buffet catering service may no longer have the ability to accept other event orders for a certain period of time. Although this depends on the ability of each buffet provider serving it.

4. Wedding catering

The wedding business industry is slowly becoming a staple for many. The reason is that the wedding day is a special moment that is the most important part of a person’s life journey, especially since everyone only wants to get married once in a lifetime. Anyone from any background can open and operate a wedding catering business. However, with the mushrooming of the wedding catering, especially in urban areas, of course, the competition in the wedding business is getting tougher every day.


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