Some people buy TVs that are damaged so your problem is solved about what to do with a Broken TV, mostly in order to repair other gadgets. Also, some people can buy a damaged TV and handle it as there is a distinct problem.

Has your TV screen just broken? Are you considering dumping your broken TV so what to do with a Broken TV? There are different ways to make the most use of your TV. No matter if it was experiencing display issues or speaker issues.

Let’s take a look at the myriad of alternatives to your TV that is broken.

Things You Can Do With A Broken TV

Here are three of the best ways to use your broken TV:

  • Think about fixing the TV

When your TV breaks The first thing you should opt for is fixing it or you think about what to do with a Broken TV. Repairing a damaged TV isn’t a simple task but it can be very costly if the TV is damaged severely.
To fix the TV go to a trusted repair shop for electronics and receive an estimate of the cost of repair. Apart from selling electronic products, online stores such as Best Buy and Sears offer repair services for certain TV models.

  • List the TV for Sell

Some people buy TVs that are damaged so your problem is solved about what to do with a Broken TV, mostly in order to repair other gadgets. Also, some people can buy a damaged TV and handle it as there is a distinct problem.
But, it is important to be aware that you will most likely sell the broken television for a low amount of money. When you are looking to sell the TV you can put it on an online classified site by adding a photo of the television along with other information, such as the year of purchase, the manufacturer, and the dimensions. You can go as long as making the price negotiable for a wide range of responses.

  • Option of Recycling

If you’ve tried fixing or selling your damaged TV but haven’t seen positive results so what to do with a Broken TV, you should think about recycling it. The process of recycling your old TV will be more beneficial than dumping it in the garbage.
Besides, some cities don’t allow TVs to be thrown into the garbage because most Broken TV screen and televisions contain Mercury which can damage the environment.
The majority of cities have a recycling area where electronics, which includes TVs are separated from their components and reused. According to the EPA Companies such as Best Buy and Staples offer free recycling options for TVs and other electronics.

TV Parts Have Worth

Even if the TV is damaged, the four main parts are most likely to remain in use. Instead of sending the entire TV to recycle the parts you want to get or what to do with a broken TV, you can remove these components and sell them. Apart from that, recycling typically involves TV production materials like copper.

  • Electronics

Electronics such as antennas, electronic chips, and even receivers are extremely valuable. With the right knowledge and skills, you will be able to make these parts available for use in other places.

  • Housing

This part is the exterior casing that covers the elements of the television. It’s worth the money because it can be reused to create more durable and superior products.

  • Tube for pictures

This tube is the cathode-ray tube that is inside the TV. It is responsible for showing you the images that they show on the screen.
These tubes are recyclable as they contain vital substances that can be sucked down in the process.

Get rid of Broken TV

There are a handful of worthy options for disposing of an old TV or what to do with a Broken TV. These are:

  • Donate your TV

Many local charities accept televisions that are functional. Make sure to keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to drop it off yourself.

  • Go to a recycling center

Based on where you live the recycling business might provide a collection service.

  • Return it to the company that made it

Some electronics makers will take old TVs for recycling. But, first, you’ll need to inquire with them to determine whether your television is eligible to be recycled.

Broken TV worth Value

Televisions are vital devices. But, they weren’t designed to last for a long time, and if your TV is broken so what to do with a Broken TV, and when yours probably will break, you’ll be looking for the right option to choose.
You may have asked “how much is my damaged TV worth?’ on Google in search of a means to recover the money you invested in buying the TV. In the majority of cases, the most popular option is to recycle your TV.
The fact is that the majority of older devices are plagued by a variety of problems, and trying to sell them will not work. So, recycling is often the best option.


There are many other options to find about what to do with a Broken TV. You can dispose of or recycle older TVs as well as other parts. Recycling damaged TVs is a good thing for the environment and lets you swiftly get rid of old pieces. You can also offer it to those in need who may be struggling to figure out how they can utilize an old TV, or trade it to earn a bit of money to help them on their quest to find a solution.
It is possible to make it available to those who aren’t able to afford a television. If you’re trying to earn money or cash, it is possible to trade it in. If you’re seeking for a way to improve the environment, you can recycle the item and donate it to charities if you’d like to aid those less fortunate. Your choice is yours. Good Luck!

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