Productivity Hacks for Small HR teams

Productivity Hacks

The biggest resource for any company is its employees. Contented and enthusiastic employees ensure the overall growth of the business. Taking care of the people’s experience within an organization is very important.

The Human Resources (HR) team is responsible for checking that all the employees are treated fairly and their needs are looked after. Over the years, businesses understood the importance of an efficient HR team.

The role of HR today isn’t restricted to hiring, onboarding, and managing payrolls. They have a significant role in developing a positive business culture within an organization. And, improving employee engagement and productivity.

C If you’re part of a small HR team, then it becomes quite difficult to manage everything on time. So, here’s a list of 7 productivity hacks for HR teams that will definitely benefit you:


Small HR teams have loads of work to do and a lot of pressure. It’s very easy to lose your focus and take up the habit of multitasking. The harsh truth is it doesn’t benefit you at all. It is rather decreasing your efficiency.

Focus, focus, and focus only on one task at a time!

When you focus on a lot of things together, you just end up procrastinating and end up getting no results. Even researches have proved that long-term multitasking habit can cost you depleting your IQ level. Avoid multitasking as much as you can. So many tasks. So much to do. The one thing they all have in common is that you have to start and finish each task before you tackle the next one on your list. Multitasking means that you’ll try to finish all of them at once. And here’s why that’s bad:


The key function of an HR team is to keep track of all the dates and deadlines. Missing even one deadline cause a huge loss to the company.

Be decisive and don’t just “sit on it”. Set reasonable self-imposed deadlines, and make it happen. When you have a task on your plate feel good about making progress toward finishing it, not about taking forever to decide what you should do

It tags along with compliance and trust issues that are neither good for you, nor the business! To keep yourself on track set deadlines for yourself, making sure that you are always ahead in your game.

Don’t be too hard on yourself by imposing unreasonable deadlines. That is not going to help you at all. Think carefully and make strategic plans. If you are wondering, now how to do that? Don’t worry our next hack would solve that problem too.


For effective planning, you don’t need to overthink or stress about it. Just maintain a daily planner that keeps track of every work you do. Add submission deadlines and lead follow-up schedule in your planner.

Each day has enough trouble of its own. Make sure that you keep a planner for tasks, appointments, ideas and notes. In this way you will avoid overloading your memory with too much information. At the same time, it is very important to

Allot 15-20 minutes in the morning to set your daily before starting work. Trust me, this small hack works wonder. It makes following up on deadlines and prioritizing your work much simpler.


A good HR always maintains the company culture. It is possible only with proper and effective employee engagement. Think of creative ways to keep employee morale high.

The success of any company is dependent on the amount of employee efficiency. Just hiring good candidates isn’t enough for a company to succeed. They need to work wholeheartedly towards the welfare of the company. It is the job of an HR team to ensure that.

Engaged employees are happy, healthy, highly productive and more profitable in every way. Employee engagement is how energized your organization feels about its ability to work together to meet customer’s needs.

You can conduct surveys, and take employee feedbacks frequently. An institution can grow only when it can constructive criticism and work to improve the processes.

An important thing to remember is to keep this process just to yourself. Create a workplace where people can trust you and come to you with their problems. Only then you can make visible changes to the system.


This is in continuation of the above hack. You should that along with the business values, maintaining a healthy environment is important for the growth of an organization.

Focus on creating a beautiful and comfortable physical environment so the employees deliver the best results. It should reflect the warm company values. Many people overlook the power of a well-designed and warm workplace. You shouldn’t do that mistake!

The way a workspace looks and feels has an impact on productivity. A bright, clean office creates the perfect mood for getting work done. At desks, employees have everything they need to be productive: ergonomic chairs, task lighting, carpeting or wood floors—and room to spread out.


What to do when you have a lot of targets to achieve? In such cases, you should categorize your work. While planning, the number rule is prioritizing, and the second is categorizing!

When you start moving your tasks around you need to be mindful of the way you stack them as it can have a dramatic effect on how easy or difficult the task will be. After a few times you’ll learn what works for you as a student but here are some ideas to get you started:

For example, make all your phone calls in one go and take the follow-ups. Then move on to emailing and, finally other administrative duties.

Always keep a notepad in handy with yourself or allot a section in your planner for adding all the information you gather from various sources. This prevents you from missing out on any important details.


You might not see this one as a practical hack, but maintaining calm is very important for HR. A good HR team assures healthy relationships among the employees. So, they have to be calm no matter what the situation is!

Meditating can help you achieve it effortlessly. It even keeps you focused and strengthens your willpower. Why not give it a try as well? Ultimately, you can keep others happy when you are content yourself.

Traditionally, meditation required user to control their thoughts, achieve an inner calm, and focus on a single ideal. Specific techniques could take years to master, and there was no guarantee of success.

The New Meditating is a drastically different concept, relaxing the requirements needed to meditate by simply helping you achieve a state of inner peace and calmness effortlessly. Meditating with our app will not only allow your body to enter into a meditative state, but your mind will as well.

This ultimately allows your entire being to reach that point where you are in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

These are my top productive hacks that small HR teams can use to become more efficient.


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