Televisions that have been damaged and are impossible to fix and you wonder what to do with a broken TV, but this is a great material to design art or gadgets for tech that could prove useful.

What to do with a broken TV? This isn’t a simple decision because of the many situations and variables are involved There are three possible options for repairing or replace damaged televisions with each of them having their own pros and pros and. This allows you to make an informed choice about what you should do with an unrepaired TV.

Fix Broken TV

If you discover that your TV is damaged with no repair options, and you think what to do with a broken TV?

  • Unplug the TV. Then, try to switch it off using the power button located on the back of the television and then pulling the plug out. If you’re unable to power it down you can try disconnecting all the cables that connect to the TV.
  • Next, remove any screws that may be holding the back panel of the TV in place. After you have removed these screws, carefully take off the back side of the TV.
  • Then, you’ll need to pull out any cables inside that are connected to the LCD screen. They can be difficult to separate, so be careful not to rip them or damage them in any way. Once you have unplugged all cables inside the TV, you can make use of a screwdriver with a flat head to remove each screw holding it in place.
  • Once all of these screws are removed, gently tear apart the circuit boards inside the television. After all the boards have been removed, you can place them in a secure place so that they don’t suffer damage further.

Get Money from your Broken TV

Electric appliances are one of the most sought-after appliances to buy and then sell to earn profit. If recycling your television isn’t feasible and you’re wondering what to do with a broken TV, you can sell your TV that is damaged to earn cash in the UK.

A majority of people purchase old TVs due to their price, and do not consider the particular issue the TV faces. Many people buy broken TVs since they can purchase parts to fix different sets.

Whatever method you choose to use, you can post the TV you own on local classifieds sites ,and then offer the TV to someone who can use it. The names of classified ad websites are mentioned below.

  • eBay
  • eBid
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Curry’s
  • Argos

 Creative Ideas with a Broken TV

Televisions that have been damaged and are impossible to fix and you wonder what to do with a broken TV, but this is a great material to design art or gadgets for tech that could prove useful. Be aware that some television components can be hazardous to the environment and for your health, and you must be aware of how to properly handle the components.

  • Make light-panel from the Broken TV screen

This is that is essential for photographers as well as artists and videographers who need an effective light source in their studios. But you have a TV which is damaged. Do you think what to do with a Broken TV, Utilize the broken television screen to create an effective, daylight-emitting screen! All you need to make for this DIY project is gaffer-tape, damaged tv display, screwdriver and a brand new frame. To build the panel you’ll need to replace the damaged screen which lights the screen with new LED lights.

  • Make the Fish Tank that is interesting

Do you have a fish that you keep? What about creating an elegant, new home with the television you broke and consider what you can do with your broken tv? This DIY project will allow you to use the old television in your living space and serve a different function. This project is ideal for older Cathode televisions since they’re much larger and can are able to be used as vessels.

Simply disconnect the power source, pull off the backplate and remove the electronics. Take off the old screen, and then install an aquarium to your television. Decorate it with stone as well as water plants, and even the theme of fish. Think outside the box and design an attractive house to your pet.

  • Make a coffee table

DIY projects can be simple as buying IKEA furniture legs, and then attaching them to your TV, using a flat screen creating a totally modern coffee table. If your television is broken and think what to do with a broken TV? You could be creating an artistic vibe to the entire idea. Think outside the box in your design and make use of that display on your Broken screen or LCDTV to make an interesting table.

What are you doing with your old TV? Tell us via the comment section below! Check out all the amazing possibilities you can make with old RAM, if you have RAM sticks from the past.

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If you’re one of the millions of those with a broken TV and you’re struggling with how to fix a broken television. You could sell your TV , which is listed above on the classifieds site. You’ve tried for hours to repair it , and work out the best method to repair it. However, there’s no solution for it. So, you’re considering what to do with a Broken TV. Well, don’t worry! A few easy steps can aid you in this stressful situation. To begin, make sure you have all the necessary information about the television and what has to be done for repair or replace it.


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